St. Lucia

Home of the Pitons

Volcanic and covered in rainforest, St. Lucia is home to the world famous Pitons mountains – two drastic peaks that overlook the fishing village of Soufriere. Looking for cliff side retreats, ultra exotic accommodations, and the world’s first drive in volcano? St. Lucia [the honeymoon capital of the Caribbean] might be the spot for you. Below are some of the resorts I work heavily with on this dramatically exotic island.

See something online that doesn’t appear below? I am happy to reach out to other resorts on the island on your behalf. Just fill out a trip request form and let me know what catches your eye and we can get to planning from there!


Located on the northwest end of the island, St. Lucia’s Castries is home to the majority of the island’s all inclusive resorts. Calm waters and white sand beaches sit in contrast to the islands rainforests and mountain ranges. These resorts are from 75 to 90 minutes by private car from Hewanorra International Airport or accessible via a 20 minute helicopter transfer

Dramatic island views on it’s own private peninsula

A true garden of eden by the sea with buildings no taller than palm trees

A glamorous golf resort featuring a cliffside village

A boutique, beachfront escape with boho vibes

Anse La Raye:

Located about 90 minutes north of the airport through the rainforest and St. Lucian mountains, Anse La Raye is a small fishing village with many offshore reefs. The town is home to the famous “Friday Night St. Lucian Fish Fry”, a street party style event held weekly by the locals on the island and a must do for your island itinerary.

Boutique & cliffside gingerbread style cottages overlooking the ocean


St. Lucia’s most famous village and home to the world’s first drive in volcano, Soufriere is located about 40 minutes north of Hewanorra International airport and home to some of the island’s most unique resorts

World famous for it’s three wall style accommodations featuring private pools, butlers, and one wall open to the sea

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