What to Pack for My All Inclusive Vacay

When it comes to packing for an all-inclusive vacation, I’d like to think I’ve got it completely covered

Over the years of traveling to different countries, climates, and resorts I’ve slowly learned which items have earned a place in my suitcase and which items are better left at home

Packing for your long over due all-inclusive vacation is exciting and can help reduce stress leading up to a trip by getting your excited prior to boarding your plane.

However, more times than not, my clients overestimate what they really need to bring along, or forget some of the more important, unexpected extras that can end up costing them big time when resorts inflate the price tag.

Below you’ll find my suggestions on the must have items as well as a few to forgo AND a printable packing list you can download to track your progress

*this post contains affiliate links where I earn compensation when you click and purchase through the links at absolutely no extra cost to you. 

Atelier – Playa Mujeres

What to pack in your carry on

  • Passport
  • Required Documents (Travel Docs, COVID Docs, Vaccination Card, Health Applications, Insurance Info – I send detailed information out on this about 15 days prior to my clients departure date)
  • Cash for tipping – I recommend small bills
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Reusable water bottle – Avana is my all time favorite
  • Any valuables – I typically recommend keeping these out of checked luggage
  • Travel Pillow or TikTok famous Neck Support Scarf
  • Power bank
  • Travel adapter (depending on where you’re going! If you’re coming from Canada or USA, you do not need one for Mexico.)
  • Headphones, either noise cancelling (great for flights) or bluetooth ear buds for the pool or beach
  • Travel jewelry case (this is a lifesaver ladies)
  • Swimsuit wet bag for the trip home (example below)

  • Medication
  • Books (or Kindle) – I like turning pages but the Kindle Paperwhite has an anti-glare screen and barely takes up any space in the suitcase
  • Hand sanitizer 
  • Charging cables
  • Masks (these are some of the best travel masks I’ve found)

REMEMBER any liquids packed in you carry on bag must not be more than 100 ml each. If you want to make sure everything is the correct allowance; I recommend grabbing a travel bottle set.

TA ProTip: if you plan on checking a suitcase, pack enough clothing in your carry-on. This way it’s easy to change once you arrive at the resort if your room isn’t ready. Additionally, in the event your suitcase is delayed, at least you’ll have a fresh change of clothes (and your swimsuit!)

My secret to carry-on travel? Packing cubes! They are amazing and it’s so incredible how much more you can fit into your suitcase when using these! I never travel without them! The below starter set has 7 pieces that can be used for carry on and checked luggage.

What to pack in your checked luggage

  • Shorts
  • Tank tops/t-shirts
  • Day dresses
  • Dressy sandals for evening
  • Evening wear – most resorts have a dress code for evenings; if you are unsure I would consult your resorts website. This especially applies to men – usually no open-toed shoes, and men must wear long pants and collared shirts. As a rule of thumb, I bring 4 dresses for a 7 night stay, and two pairs of shoes that go with either outfit.
  • Active wear – if you plan on doing any day trips, or working out.
  • A light sweater – I tend to wear this on the plane
  • Undergarments (including socks)
  • For women – sticky bras or petals 
  • Mini Steamer – is it extra? Yes. Is it worth it? Also, yes.
  • Sun hat
  • Flip Flops/Sandals
  • Cover-up
  • Swimsuits
  • Sunglasses – I usually bring two in case one pair ends up in the ocean
  • Beach bag – this one is easily packable

  • Sunscreen – much cheaper to buy ahead of time than at the resort
  • Reef safe sunscreen – if you’re planning on snorkeling; its a good idea to pack this instead to protect the delicate ecosystems. If you don’t bring your own then you may be required to purchase some on a tour, which can be expensive
  • Lip sunscreen
  • Tumbler/Insulted Cup – not really a necessity, but it is eco-conscious and keeps your drinks from melting by the pool
  • Aloe vera
  • Insect repellant – I cannot stress this enough
  • Hair ties and bobby pins
  • Deodorant
  • Feminine hygiene products & contraceptives
  • Razor and shaving cream
  • Makeup remover
  • Makeup
  • Tide stick
  • Toothbrush, floss, and toothpaste
  • Hair brush and styling tools

What NOT to pack

  • Towels – you’ll even be given a towel card or will have free access to towels throughout the resort for the beach and pool
  • Pillows – some resorts, even have their own pillow menus
  • A hair dryer – they are in the room
  • Shampoo, lotion, body wash, etc. – resorts will provide this unless you want your specific brands

Downloadable Packing List

Of course, this is not an all encompassing list and every trip is unique. Use your best judgment with your packing list. No matter what, don’t stress too much – this is your vacay after all. Happy traveling everyone!

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