Ya Mon!

Jamaica, one of the Caribbean’s largest islands and home to mountains, rainforests, some of the best golf courses in the world, and miles upon miles of white sandy beaches. Looking for a laid back vacation with ultra good vibes, crystal clear Caribbean water, excursions galore, and LOTS of rum? Jamaica might be the spot for you. Below are some of the resorts I work heavily with on this colorful island.

See something online that doesn’t appear below? I am happy to reach out to other resorts on the island on your behalf. Just fill out a trip request form and let me know what catches your eye and we can get to planning from there!


Click the region your are interested/booked in for excursion reconditions.

(most convenient option for clients traveling into Jamaica’s main international airport)

(considered “the real Jamaica”, sparsely populated and unspoiled paradise)

(ultra laid back beach town home to some of the island’s calmest water; perfect for scuba)

(close to some of Jamaica’s most famous excursions and a popular port for many cruise lines)

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