Dominican Republic

Why is the rum gone?

Known as Haiti’s neighbor to the east, the Dominican Republic has some of the most varying terrains and largest land mass in compared to the rest of the Caribbean. Looking for tropical beaches, clear blue water, lush rainforests, some of the best golfing in the entire world, and the tallest mountain in the Caribbean (Pico Duarte)? The DR might be the spot for you. Below are some of the resorts I work heavily with on this island paradise.

See something online that doesn’t appear below? I am happy to reach out to other resorts on the island on your behalf. Just fill out a trip request form and let me know what catches your eye and we can get to planning from there!

Regions We Specialize In:

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(easy access to the island’s best all inclusive resorts & most cost effective airport)

(one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in the Caribbean; easiest access to the best golf & scuba diving)

(heavy European influence; affordable and appealing way to escape to the islands)

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